INSPIRE 2018-19

Thank you to the Sage Outreach Team – INSPIRE 2018-19

A Review of the Inspire Project across Newcastle Bridges School

September 2018-May 2019

 Newcastle Bridges School pupils have had a wonderful opportunity to be part of the Inspire Project, which was an Arts progressive project involving music, animation and song writing. The team of creative professionals from the Sage INSPIRE Project worked intensively every week with young people on 3 of our hospital and school sites. Here is some of the feedback from different parts of our school.



It has been an absolute pleasure for our staff to witness the work INSPIRE group have done over the last two years with the students at Alnwood. The consummate skill, patience, professionalism and enthusiasm they have demonstrated in working with some of our most vulnerable students has been evident throughout their involvement with us. To see the joy and excitement on the faces of the pupils as their work has come to fruition, in the form of a song or a piece of animation, has been most humbling. It has been a wonderful opportunity for students to engage in music, art and technology with dedicated creative professionals. A member of the education team who had worked with a young person for a period of 3 years said, ”I have not seen him so animated and focused on a single activity and I have never heard him sing before; it brought a tear to my eye”



Jayne, Paige, Simon and Tom were excellent at building positive relationships and encouraging wonderful creative expression with the young people in our complex hospital setting over the two terms. The sessions have all been creatively brilliant and dynamic for Ferndene young people, in both songwriting and the animation project. The Sage staff were very flexible with our students, and expert at tailoring the sessions to whoever attended. The facilitators were able to differentiate for all abilities of student in the group, which changed from week to week.  Some young people were able to gain confidence in their artistic ability through working with this great team of musicians and artists.



Once again, we were delighted to welcome back the INSPIRE music project to Newcastle Bridges School. All of our young people engaged with the enjoyable programme of music and visual art activities and it was great to see them grow in confidence and flourish in this supportive environment. The INSPIRE delivery team nurtured and scaffolded our young people’s creative development and it was obviously apparent that young people left sessions feeling uplifted and empowered by the experience. In the animation project, the staff were wonderful in that they steered the pupils in the correct direction, coaxing them to create their own scenes to accompany the song they have collectively written.  They have encouraged them to play some instruments of choice, and together as a team celebrate the success of their hard work.  The finished product is going to be shown at The Sage, Gateshead in January

Thank you to the INSPIRE team for creating such meaningful creative opportunities for the young people in our school.


Prosper Learning Trust